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Planned summer volunteer projects for 2015

We are now recruiting volunteers for our summer trailbuilding projects! You can take a look at the map, which contains links to our project descriptions.

Be sure to read the general conditions needed to participate in our projects!

The list of summer campsites will be updated soon. Stay tuned for updates on our site!



The end of May and beginning of June is a time of exploration on GBT’s trails. Every year our leaders go to places where the summer projects will be held and plan the work that needs to be done in the summer. This weekend an exploration begun of the trail from Buguldeika to Sandy Bay. During the summer a volunteer project called ‘Sunny Bank’ will be held there.


This year leaders and volunteers from GBT became participants in a range of different exchange programmes. First to go were Natalia Ivanova and Dmitry Chuprikov, who took part in a training programme on the planning and building of tourist trails in Washington, USA.


From the 17th – 18th of April 2015, Great Baikal Trail took part in the exhibition fair “Tourism and Travels in Buryatia” which took place in Ulan-Ude. Our volunteers Elena Pavlyuk and Natalia Tugutkhonova set off to represent GBT in sunny Buryatia, thus continuing GBT’s April adventures.