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Planned summer volunteer projects for 2015

We are now recruiting volunteers for our summer trailbuilding projects! You can take a look at the map, which contains links to our project descriptions.

Be sure to read the general conditions needed to participate in our projects!

The list of summer campsites will be updated soon. Stay tuned for updates on our site!



This turned out to be an incredible weekend at the GBT educational centre! On the 14th and 15th of March we lead an outreach programme in Tankhoi and Vidrino.


What are sometimes known as ‘the weaker sex’ are in fact far from weak. At Great Baikal Trail we know this first-hand: many of the team leaders on GBT summer projects dealing with the building and reconstructing of trails are girls. Fearless and strong, they figurehead the work of volunteers with ease and masterfully wield chainsaws. In celebration of 8th March, Anya Belova and Natasha Ivanova told us their thoughts on being a team leader.


Fifteen volunteers from Russia, Britain, The Netherlands, France and Italy will soon take part in GBT’s Winter Project which takes place in Russia’s Irkutsk region from 18th-27th March 2015.