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Listvyanka — Bolshie Koty

Trail Information

Kilometers: 24.7

Elevation gain: 0-400m meters above the surface of Baikal

Level of difficulty: Medium

Our Work:

GBT has been conducting projects on this trail since 2003. Initially, the main goal was to create a bypass trail from Listvyanka to Yemel’yanikha valley. (The coastal trail is dangerous and runs along the cliffs. We recommend taking the bypass.) Now we are doing brief multi-day projects to clean and improve this trail, one of the most visited in the park.

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Beware of:

For Your Information

Attention! To visit the park, a camping permit is required, which can be obtained in the administration FGBU "Zapovednoe Pribaikal'e"(in fact Pribaikalsky National Park) in Irkutsk, or in Forestry office in Listvyanka:

In Irkutsk:
Baikalskaya str. 291 B (ул. Байкальская)
blgz-pnp@mail.ru, www.baikal-1.ru
+7 (3952) 350-615, +7 (3952) 350-662

In Listvyanka:
Gorkovo str. 2 (ул. Горького)
+7 (3952) 659-210


From Irkutsk to Listvyanka:
• by bus (daily year round departures from the bus station and central market, trip duration – about 1 hour) Telephone number for the bus station operator in Irkutsk is +7 (3952) 209-115
• by river speedster ferry (trip duration – about 1 hour). Route Irkutsk-Listvyanka-Bolshie Koty runs from June through the middle of September. You can find the schedule online at www.vsrp.ru

It is possible to take the trail on the way back: take the Voskhod ferry to Bolshie Koty and walk back to Listvyanka along the trail.

How to get to the trailhead:
From the last bus stop or hydrofoil dock across from the tall hotel, walk towards the central market. Turn left on Gudina street (ул. Гудина). Follow this street until you reach the very end (approximately 2km), and find the trailhead on the left side of the valley.

Trail description

The first 4.5 km trail goes uphill. This rise is the hardest part of the route. Before reaching the top, the trail splits. Go toward the right. At the top (860 meters above sea level, 404 meters above the lake), a beautiful view of Lake Baikal awaits you, and you will soon descend to the lake shore. After a series of switchbacks, the path runs along the coast. You will cross many rivers and streams by bridge, all of which were built by GBT volunteers. Camping is permitted only in designated areas, which can be easily found along the trail. In some places, the trail runs along steep cliffs, so please be careful and cautious.

What you can see along the trail:

  • Before you begin your hike, visit the Baikal Museum in Listvyanka. The exhibition explains the geology, geography and biology of this unique lake. Especially interesting are the aquariums with live inhabitants of Baikal. Here you can see what is hidden under the water.
  • Get to know the flora of Baikal National Park. On the trail you can see the bright orange Globeflowers(trollius asiaticus), dwarf lillies (lilium pumilum), and an alpine succulent that resembles a cactus (known as rabbit's cabbage (orostachys spinosa)). Remember that many of the plants in the park are rare and are listed as endangered. Let's preserve these flowers so that other tourists may admire them!
  • Bolshie Koty - a former mining settlement. The surrounding area has traces of gold mining; for example, you can see artificial lakes and piles of rock inside the Bolshie Koty valley. In the summer, students from the Biology and Soil Science departments at Irkutsk State University come to conduct their practicum.
  • The Museum of Baikal in Bolshie Koty (keeps irregular hours)
  • Grebeshok Observation Platform (in Bolshie Koty) begins near the cell tower. It is a very steep climb. Be careful!
  • Cape Skriper - located a few kilometers north of the village of Bolshie Koty. From the shore there is a trail that climbs up to the Cape. At the top you will see a beautiful view of Lake Baikal and the picturesque beach below.

Other information:

  • There is a shop in the village of Bolshie Koty that keeps irregular hours. There are also places to spend the night. There are no cafes or restaurants.
  • Cell reception on the trail is sporadic. Bolshie Koty can only receive signal from the mobile phone company Tele2.

*This booklet is intended for tourists and is distributed free of charge. Use of the information (text, maps, treks, etc.) on this page and in the booklet only with permission of "Great Baikal Trail." Sale of booklets or using them for advertising purposes is prohibited.