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The first educational session in 2017

What do we miss by living in modern rhythm of life? Students from art school in Meget village tryed to answer this question several days ago.

Volunteers from Great Baikal Trail started another series of educational trips.

Together with volunteers students were figuring out why people can not listen to each other anymore, why they trust words more than actions, and why they can not see really important things.

Three interactive stations let participants see how easily gossips are created, how the picture that you look at actually shows something different from what you see in it. The game Avatar showed how difficult it is to hear what people want to say to you in din. The game Broken phone teached how stories are being tranformed during the process of storytelling by one person to another.

Kids learnt not to give empty promises but to act and do good things.
They discussed what should be done if you see evil things happening; and finally answered the main question of the class.

Now students from Tankhoi and Vydrino villages are waiting for GBT volunteers to come to their schools.

The trip was supported by our partners the En+ Group.