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Springs of Olkhon Island

In the end of May, Natalya Ivanova, Sofya Kotselyabina, and Roman Mikhailov, representatives of the Great Baikal Trail, visited Olkhon Island where they got acquainted with local springs which need upkeeping, clearing, and landscaping. They explored 4 springheads and planned a tentative scope of works.

The “GBT” who has been working under the management of Elena Chubakova in the territory of the Irkutsk oblast and the Republic of Buryatia since 2004, plans to organize 2 environmental projects here for clearing up and landscaping the springs in autumn 2017.

The locals addressed our organization with a request to restore the springs as a crucial component of the cultural life of the island.

The trip was arranged with the assistance of Grigory Victorovich Ogdonov, the exploration logistics coordinator who personally took part in it and provided the GBT team with accommodation.