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Adventures in the jungles of the Khabar Daban

The 4th GBT project "In the Wilds of the Khabar Daban" was completed on August, 8; in which 10 volunteers from different cities of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur), as well as from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the USA and Norway took part.

The project took place on the territory of the Baikal Nature Reserve.

Within 14 days of the project the volunteers cleared the corridor of the trail of 1050 metres long from small shrubs, made the trail wider, built a new trail 50 meters long near the Baikal-Zapovedny Visitor Center, which was walked by the Russian President’s feet during his visit to Lake Baikal. Also volunteers built 2 structures of stones and wood 7 and 16 meters in length.

Apart from work guys have hiked the peaks of Khamar-Daban mountain range, visited alpine meadows, swam in the refreshing waterfall of the Osinovka mountain river, visited the museum and visitor center of the Baikal Nature Reserve, and also met two locals Tuchka and Grom, who were sables.

Volunteers learned how to cook by the fire, chop wood, pick up berries, speak Russian "Спасибо", "Пожалуйста", "Вот так!", "Чуть-чуть" and sing in English the famous song by Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody".

We thank all the participants for their dedicated work and the Baikal Nature Reserve for hospitality.